The home of load sensing exploration and more 

Our starting point for IsleSense was to provide information in the form of blogs, our content aims to explore, educate and provide solutions on load sensing but we are ambitious to expand into other sensors. We will also post some of our past and current projects and we are very open to include projects that others have undertaken. 

Electronic Components

A keen nose for making tools for our projects have regularly sent us ‘down the rabbit hole’ for mocking up little prototypes. We would like to extend some of the ideas as components everyone can utilise. So coming soon, we’d like to offer a range of simple electronic components to help inquisitive minds open up their capabilities to make sensor setups. 

Design Service

With a wealth of experience in design, testing and manufacturing in load sensors we are always eager to exercise our ‘grey cells’. If you have a project that might require this service please get in touch. We’ll have a go at most technical challenges, the weirder and more wonderful the better. If you need other expertise we also have many partners we’ve worked with that we can recommend. 


Get in contact through our social media outlets, send us an email to Thanks